Betono, asfalto pjovimo įrenginiai

Betono, asfalto pjovimo įrenginiai Yra 7 prekės(-ių).

Rodoma 1 - 7 iš 7 dalykų
  • Ideal to cut in reduced sites

  • Heavy duty capacity saw, yet very versatile and manoeuvrable. Supplied with a polypropylene 40 L. water tank.

  • The most professional floor saw within our light range. Heavy-duty steel monoblock chassis and motor assembled onto flexible rubber silent blocks (petrol version), ensure no vibrations on the blade.

  • Trapezoid screwed shaft for cutting depth control with a safety wheel locking system and support bearings. Mechanical advance by a transmission chain directly to the rear axle.

  • Automatic advance and reverse by hydraulic motor with speed selector gear box. Able to cut concrete or asphalt surfaces up to 23 cm. (airports, motorways, roads, industrial premises and large surfaces in general).

  • Professional machine and easy to handle.The milling is done by a hexagonal axle drum with 4 thermally treated shafts where 19 milling cutters and washers are matched. (76 cutters in total).The milling depth can be adjusted.

  • Parallel cuts just in one go RENCHER models Full Equipped and Basic

Rodoma 1 - 7 iš 7 dalykų