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Jauns Frēžu komplekts kokam (35 gab.) Skatīt lielāku

Frēžu komplekts kokam (35 gab.)


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Set of 35-element woodworking cutters

A set of 35 woodworking cutters allowing for precise material processing. HSS high-speed steel blades allow the use of cutters for processing solid wood, chipboard, MDF and other wood-based materials. The used bearings reduce the rolling resistance, which is why cutters are ideally suited for shaping round material. The whole is placed in a practical wooden case, where each cutter has its own signed place.

Product features

  • 18 ball milling cutters
  • blades made of high-speed steel HSS
  • cutters mounted on a spindle with a diameter of 8mm
  • the whole set in a handy aluminum box

Elements of the set:

  • 35 milling cutters
  • aluminum hook