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KFM 200 / 230 V Skatīt lielāku

KFM 200 / 230 V


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The KFM edge chamfering models are designed for deburring and chamfering of various materials as well as economical preparation of welding seams. The main application area of these models is the metal-processing industry.

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Vairāk informācijas

Technical dataConvincing arguments:
Bevel width0 - 6 mmEasy adjustment of the milling depth and the required angle
Bevel height0 - 3 mmHighly suitable for deburring and chamfering of various materials e.g. steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, synthetics etc.
Angle adjustment15° - 45°
Guide rail200 mmIdeal machine for economic preparation of welding seam
Speed range3500 rpmSolid, vibration-free construction guarantees burr-free processing
Motor power0,37 kW / 230 VIdeal for processing of large workpieces
Weight approx.11 kgStandard accessories:
Guide rail 200 mm
Milling head
HM-reversible plates