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Jauns Mērlenta 5m x 19mm Skatīt lielāku

Mērlenta 5m x 19mm


Jauns produkts

2,46 €

Vairāk informācijas

Measure, steel roll-up tape with blockade. Tape 5 m long, 19 mm wide and 0.135 mm thick.

The carbon steel tape was finished with a solid measuring hook. Scale casing made of ABS plastic with a rubber cover . Smooth and clear graduation makes it easier to read the measurement. Locking button operated with the thumb.

Product features

  • light and handy
  • tape made of carbon steel
  • tape lock button
  • smooth and legible graduation
  • solid measuring hook
  • ABS plastic housing
  • rubber cover additionally protecting the housing

Technical data

  • The length of the tape: 5 m
  • Tape width: 19 mm
  • Thickness of the tape: 0.135 mm
  • Strap lock function: yes
  • Rubberized housing cover: yes
  • Auto-lock function [autolock]: no