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Clean-air vacuum extraction system RLA 2001


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Clean-air vacuum extraction system tested for economical and convenient air purification, BP models with built in briquetting


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Convincing arguments:
for use in workshops with a diversity factor of 1-2 machines, machines from RLA 2501 2-3 (depending on the required flow rate) or as local exhaust ventilation to supplement an existing stationary facilitycompact dimensions, thereby allowing the installation of the devices on the untapped suction surfaces
can be ordered with left or right alignment, and thereby use of workshop slots available
for universal use with different materialsControl extended through plug-in technology
BG approvedoptimal filter cleaning (during operation), with compressed air cleaning from Model 2001 P
100% air return at no additional cost and structural complexity
to be installed in work areas, the rules of the timber trade association GS-HO-07 included
high suctionchecked from model RLA 2501 P integrated, maintenance-free automatic deletion after GSHO-07 with the pressure membrane, requires no compressed air and no direct water connection
low cost of piping components and assembly, especially in the exchange of old and no longer authorized facilities
integrated pre-separator chamber to reduce the load and protect the filter
BP models with briquetting
Briquette with permanent agitator and additional Precompression screwFeed screw transports the material into the supercharger
with a large screw channel - this recording enough material for the pressure
Shavings or grinding dust to be abandoned by an attached filter unit in a filling direction
very good briquette for hydraulically controlled pressing tool in conjunction with the pressing of large-scale cylinder
permanently driven agitator continuously fills a Precompression screw
high compression ratio by forced feeding with feed screw
material-specific adjustment of the worm life and screw speed possibleGuarantees a high press performance especially for loose chips, such as wood shavings
Technical data
RLA 2001 P
RLA 2001 P-BP
max. Flow3010 m³ / h3010 m³ / h
Rated flow2262 m³ / h2262 m³ / h
Under pressure to INTERFACE2174 Pa2174 Pa
Filter area13.7 m²13.7 m²
Residual dust content 
Filter cleaningAirAir
Filter CategoryMM
Chip collection volume2 x 241 ltr.2 x 241 ltr.
Case Number22
Engine power2.9 kW2.9 kW
Voltage 50 Hz400 V400 V
Weight320 kg950 kg
Dimensions in mm2322 x 830 x 20502322 x 830 x 2050
Intake diameter200 mm200 mm
Max.Schalldruck79 dB (A)79 dB (A)
Briquette 50 mm
Briquette 4-6 cm
Performance 30 - 50 kg / h
Power consumption 4.0 kW
Dimensions complete system 2268 x 1319 x 2336 mm