CNC 6040ZS224D gravēšanas un frēzēšanas iekārta
  • CNC 6040ZS224D gravēšanas un frēzēšanas iekārta

CNC 6040ZS224D gravēšanas un frēzēšanas iekārta

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Dimensions of the machine: 880 x 690 x 520mm
Working field: 600 x 400mm
Max material thickness: 100mm
Dimensions of the T-bar: 750 x 480 x 20mm
Implementation of the frame: Aluminum 6063 and 6061
Ball screws: SFU 1605, 16 x 5mm
Linear guides:
Dimension X:
Dimension Y:
Dimension Z:
Chrome-plated shaft and linear bearings (61 HRC)
fi 20mm
fi 16mm
fi 13mm
Step motors: Holding torque: 1.8Nm
Current: 3.0A
Steps / revolution: 200 / 1.8 °
Resistance: 1Ohm
Inductance: 3.5mH
Number of wires: 4
Spindle: 2.2 kW, ER20 (6 mm), water-cooled
Spindle speed: 3000 - 24000 RPM / min
Spindle accuracy: radial <0.03 mm, axial <0.01 mm
Max positioning speed: 4000 mm / min
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Cutting speed: 300 - 2500 mm / min
Rotary axis: Fourth rotating axis in the set!
Safety device: Emergency stop button
Software: Mach3
Supported formats: Gcode / .nc / .ncc / .tab / .txt
Communication interface driver - PC: LPT port
Power supply: 220 VAC
Machine weight: 60kg
Additionally in the set: cutters, LPT and power cable, tailstock, mounting bracket, water pump